Sunday, July 16, 2017

37 weeks

It's a quiet Sunday morning and my little man (now almost 20 months old) is sleeping in - despite the fact our sheltie raised the roof at 6:20 a.m. to alert us that a neighbor was walking his dog down the sidewalk in front of our house.

We have all been doing very well.

Baby girl is measuring right on track and is kicking and squirming what feels like all the time - especially at night!

I'm currently 37 weeks 3 days pregnant. With my son I went into labor at 38 weeks five days. Because of that fact everyone's bags are packed. Baby girl's diaper bag is packed for the hospital. Son's bag is packed for grandma and grandpa's house. My bag is open with some items in it - and ready to be tossed full of stuff at the last minute when we get ready to leave for the hospital.

This time around we hired a doula to help with my labor.

I've also been doing spinning baby exercises to try to ensure baby is in the optimal position for delivery. She's head down, but I'm hoping she's facing my spine when I deliver. (She was in that position at my last ultrasound - but babies shift all the time.)

Son was sunny side up and that could have been one of the contributing factors to my 59 hour labor with him and unplanned c-section.

We're hoping for a VBAC, but want a healthy baby most of all, so we're just trying to do everything we can to tip the odds toward a vaginal delivery.

It's been a hot weekend around here. We stayed inside all day yesterday I got a lot of housework done. I'm in hyper clean mode. I washed the interior side of the windows and cleaned out some of the kitchen cupboards.

I tossed a bunch of the supplements that my husband and I took 4-5 years ago when we started our journey toward our babies - I can't believe how many bottles there were! It's nice to chuck them and forget about them!

It's nice that infertility treatments are not taking up so much space in my mind anymore!

Prayers to all of you on this journey! (Hope you get to chuck the supplements very soon!)

xoxo JILL


  1. Wow, you are in the home stretch! Thanks for sharing.